Yesterday was a long day!

Yesterday was a long day!  Not only did I have a lot to do at the CTMI office, but Miki and I had many appointments, brothers and sisters to meet, to encourage, to advise the best we could.  Some of these appointments went well and we were encouraged to see the openness of the hearts of these precious brothers and sisters who were not only ready to hear, but ready for the Lord to bring about a change in their lives.  Unfortunately it was not the case for all of them – some were closed and even though we did all we could for them to understand our hearts, how we wanted to help them but they left with a hard heart and not well in themselves.  It shows us how we are limited – we can do all we can – but in the end, only the Lord is able to touch a man’s heart and win him to himself.

What about you? Where are you today? Are you well in yourself or struggling with unforgiveness, bitterness, pride? Is your heart hard? If that is your case, the Lord has not given up on you… open your heart and let Him speak to you and win back your heart to Himself! You will feel so much better and at peace.