Sat 7th July, 2012 – Meeting 1

Audrey Hardy

Audrey Hardy at the Ladies Conference 2012

Our last day of conference! There is a great expectancy, as each sister desires to receive something special from the Lord.

Our sister Frieda welcomes us all, encouraging us to trust God to put faith in our hearts so that we may become women of purpose.

Ingrid then thanks the many people who have made sacrifices to make the conference possible and blesses Jesus for opening the doors for the gospel to be shared with such clarity for these three days. She then specially encourages me that this conference has only been the beginning, and that the Lord wants to use me to speak truth to many women throughout the world! There will be difficult times but the Lord will take care of it and see me through! I did not expect that… and can only trust the Lord to equip me for that – and to open the right doors! Help me Lord!

Today my topic is “Law, Faith and Grace”. We look at God’s plan for relationship with mankind, which has not changed since the Garden of Eden. God introduced the law because of man’s fall, as a temporary solution in order to restore the broken relationship caused by sin. It was for a time, until Jesus would come. But now that Jesus has come and paid the price for our sin, took our sins upon Himself, the door is now wide open for any man who wants to have this relationship with God and consequently, there is no more need of the law. In other words, as a result of the sacrifice of Jesus, the law has been brought to an end and God’s relationship with mankind has been restored once and for all. When we grasp this revelation, what a freedom it brings to our hearts! We do not have to do anything to please God but have faith in that sacrifice and live by faith.

We can see that the law is an attitude, a misconception that I have to do things to please God; and if I don’t do these things, the Lord might be angry with me. We will always fail and will therefore always feel condemned. I share how in the USA I met an old lady asking for prayer. She wanted forgiveness, as there were times she went to sleep at night without having prayed or read her Bible. For years she felt condemned. That is law! We can each create our own laws and put expectations on ourselves as well as on other people. But, am I scoring points with God if I read my bible, or pray for an hour? Do you think God is angry with me if you don’t live up to my own laws? I might miss out on some blessings but God loves me despite of my weaknesses and failures! A loud Amen can be heard. One sister on the second row cannot stop crying… as this revelation hits her heart.

We can see through scripture that when the cross works in our heart we accept ourselves as we are, and trust Him to finish the work he has started, in His time.

The lights begin to flash on in many hearts as they realize the freedom that they have, and God’s amazing love for them. Jill jumps up and shouts out with delight! We are overwhelmed at Gods deep and glorious love for us. Hallelujah, the Lord has kissed us on the cheek!

As we resume, at the request of many, I sing my new song, “Let Your praise arise”, which can be viewed on Youtube and take the next meeting from there. Mama Gashengo opens the second session by sharing a powerful testimony of how the gospel worked in her family. She shares her struggles as she strived to perform as a Pastor’s wife whilst feeling completely distanced from her husband. She endured this suffering for 10 years, until they came into contact with Miki and heard the message of the cross. She fights back tears as she expresses her gratitude for the gospel, and the change it has brought to her marriage and family. She declares with joy that she now serves the Lord with her husband, Stephen, as best friends.

I continue sharing, warning the sisters of law in the church and the importance for us to not allow anyone to put law on us. For the just shall live by faith! We need to be a people who serve Jesus with our hearts. We realize that we must take our place, and this means that we need to stand for the truth, in the right spirit. We need to live in freedom and rest, not in fear.

I ask if there is anyone who has never repented of their sin and received salvation. Two women respond. Finally I make a call for those who know Jesus but carry baggage in their heart and life, hindrances that the Lord wants to set them free from. Some are tired of living a false Christian life. They are desperate for the Lord to do something new, to help them to forgive, turn the page and move forward.

There is a huge response from those seeking restoration and for God to set them free. Many sisters from different countries join me as we minister to those sisters who have responded and it is clear that the Lord touches many lives and hearts.

Unfortunately, our time is up as we need to give back the hall at 6 sharp and it is already quarter past!!! So as we finish praying, we quickly sing Malibongwe and all move to the dining room where sandwiches, cakes and tea are awaiting us! We are so thankful that because of King, brothers and sisters from over 22 countries from all over the world were able to benefit from these meetings and be challenged. Thanks King for your availability.

I can only say that it was a real visitation from the Lord. I did not expect anything like this and once again, it has only been by His grace.