Jul 5 – Day 1 – CTMI International Ladies Conference – Bulawayo – Zimbabwe

It is so exciting to be in Bulawayo at this time and to be able to see again this precious family of God that we love and carry in our hearts. It was day 1 of this first CTMI International Ladies Conference, and the Bulawayo City Hall was quite full with some 350 ladies coming from as many as 10 countries. Quite a few ladies also came from different parts of Zimbabwe which is great. Nompu lead us into a time of praise and worship – after which it was my time to share.

It was encouraging to know that brothers and sisters from many countries such as USA, France, Luxembourg, South Africa, Botswana, Reunion Island, Tanzania, Australia, Mauritius and even from Zimbabwe were connected and that they were able to be with us through internet at this time to hear what the Lord had for them! Dane from Paris, faithfully translated the message into French. A big thank you to King and to Nuradio for their dedication to the vision.

I shared on “My just shall live by faith”.  How as children of God, this should be our lifestyle. How faith is more than just a belief or a doctrine. It is a conviction in our hearts. Something that is stronger than what we see, feel or hear. When God speaks to us, faith comes to our hearts, and it is for us then to act upon it. Faith is what brings God on the scene. We all know that God can… that He is faithful, and that He loves us, but somewhere we are not sure that He will!  We doubt if it will work for “me” or if He will do it for “me”. This is why it is important for us to know His promises and to hear His voice. I spoke about Abraham – how God could have chosen a young man instead of Abraham who was already old and had no children. But there is always an element of the miraculous in what God does. The ladies were encouraged and the atmosphere was very cool and relaxed.

We had a short break and then the second meeting started. Karen from Mauritius shared briefly about Hannah. How she was barren and had carried a suffering in her heart for many. How that very suffering caused her to draw near to God and to come to a place where she believed Him for a miracle. Not only did she receive her miracle from God, but the child she bore was to be a prophet – and not the least! Finally she mentioned how Hannah kept the promise she made to the Lord, and gave Him back that child to serve Him. Later the Lord blessed her with many more children. We were all blessed to hear the heart of Karen.

I then shared on how our emotions as ladies can be an obstacle to our faith. Also reminded the ladies how complicated and difficult we can be at times and as a result, make the life of our husbands and kids hard to bear. I encouraged them to see how we can become insecure in many areas and as a result put expectations and pressure on others around us. We have a tendency to always find someone to blame for what happens to us and end up having hearts full of hurts, bitterness and unforgiveness. We must desire to come out of that state and allow the Lord to change us and set us free. We had good times of laughs as we could see how stupid we can be at times, and how we deprive ourselves of so many blessings the Lord has for us because of our childish attitudes. No wonder that some of us have ended in divorce. Anyway it was a great time and it all ended in a tea break where all ladies could fellowship together.

We heard so many testimonies and it was encouraging. This one lady shared how this very morning, she had left her house with her kids after having a fight with her husband.  She had told him terrible things, and had decided to ask for a divorce. She had gone to see a lawyer and on her way out she met a sister from a CTMI partner church who encouraged her to come to the meeting. She now realizes how wrong she has been and was ready to go and ask her husband for forgiveness. Another lady shared with me how she lost her husband a few years ago and things could have been so different if only she had heard this message before…

Got this mail when I arrived home: “It is truly SO wonderful to be able to hear the meeting in Zim.  It is SO true… Thank you Jesus for what He has done in your life… we are blessed… there is a long road ahead but I want to be there!”

Therefore I rejoice and am grateful for what the Lord has done and look forward for what He has in store for us at this time. Thank you all for your support and prayers. Thank you again to Nuradio for being here and to make it possible for those who could not be with us here, to still benefit from this time.