What another great day! – Ladies Conference 2012

What another great day! I was with my friend and sister Majo in a shuttle from the hotel in Johannesburg on my way to the airport to catch the plane to Zim for the CTMI Ladies Conference. I did not even notice there was somebody else in the van with us. During the whole way, Majo and I were talking and laughing about a few situations we were recalling. When we arrived at the airport, as the driver stopped, out of the blue I heard this voice from behind me, saying “Where are you from? I want to join you”! As I turned around I saw this beautiful girl, in her twenties and I introduced myself and as it was her stop, she was getting ready to step out of the van. I quickly gave her my card and told her I would love to hear from her. She promised she would email me the minute she got at her office.

Once we arrived at Bulawayo – there was much going on with all the organization for this 1st CTMI Ladies conference, I opened my mail and guess what! Here was the promised mail sitting in my Inbox with as subject “we just met”. I got so excited as I read it for it said: “Good morning lovely lady…. We just met in a shuttle to the airport… I love your spirit… You’re a beautiful lady… I would love to be part of your life… I’m Zanele, a south African lady and this is my mail address… Love Zee

I was so blessed to read these words and to see how the Lord had planned for us to meet and had connected us in a matter of seconds. I immediately replied and told her how privileged I had been to meet her and that I could not wait to get to know her more and invited her to visit in Mauritius. We exchanged a few mails and in her last mail, she said: “As I was sitting in the shuttle listening to you and the lady you were sitting with, I couldn’t help but notice how joyous and loving you were towards each other. I felt the genuine and joyous spirit hit right through me… that’s why I had to talk to you. I would love to spend time with you and get to know you better. I would love to visit Mauritius, it would great!”

Isn’t that exciting! That can only be Jesus. Another miracle of His. It reminds us how Jesus said “if you love one another they will know that you are my disciples!” I was so encouraged that the Holy Spirit could have touched the heart of this beautiful girl just by us being ourselves and shining His love without even realizing it! It really made my day and I cannot wait to get to know Zanele more as she is already in my heart and part of my life.