CTMI Ladies Conference Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Day 2 – Report No 2

Here we are, the 2nd day of conference. The atmosphere is one of expectation for what the Lord wants to show us this afternoon. Mama Gashengo opens the meeting and encourages the sisters to worship and praise the Lord with all their hearts!

We hear from our precious sister Fishy, who expresses her gratitude for the Gospel and how it has saved her life, her marriage, and continues to be at work in her life!

Everyone is expecting to hear more about faith but I feel a clear message strongly on my heart: “Sisters… take your place!”  But, for us to understand our place in the church we first need to understand our place in the home. I show from 1 Cor 11 v 3 how the Bible is clear about God being the head of Christ, Christ the head of man and man the head of woman. That order must be found in everything that we do.

It is wonderful to realize that as sisters we have a specific place in the church, as well as the home. God is a God of order and He wants us to serve Him His way. We look carefully at the Five-fold Ministry, at the definition and role of an elder according to scripture, and we can see that men carried authority in these capacities. I reassure the women that they are not only called to be a support for the elders, but there are also so many things we can do in the church to serve the Lord, as long as we are in our place. At the end of the day we do not need a title to be able to serve Jesus. The ladies thoroughly enjoy this time and we stop for a break, a stretch of the legs before we come straight back to business!

Our wonderful Zambian sister, Frieda, shares her heart and blesses the Lord for the Gospel that has opened the door for her to serve the Lord in His plan. She is so grateful that He has not forgotten her desire to serve Him!

In the second session we see how we must stop trying to change our husbands, but rather we need to first let the Lord change our hearts so we can adapt to them, love and respect them; submit to them as the Lord has called us to!

As women we can be so complicated, focused on our appearance and the latest chit-chat; but we forget that the Lord looks at our hearts! “A gentle and quiet spirit” is what is pleasing to the Lord and this is what will speak to those around us.

What a special time we have had with the Lord this afternoon. Many lives have been confronted and challenged and we pray that the Word will continue to be at work in our hearts and lives!