concerned parents

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As much is being said these days about concerned parents… may I say that if  you are concerned for your children, and you really love them, the best you can ever do is to let them be free… free to be themselves, free to make their own choices in life, whether it be for their carreer, or where they want to live… and be able to live true to their conviction, whether right or wrong… be there for them… by all means do not make the mistake of trying to force them to do what you want as you will only succeed in pushing them further away from you…

As Louise Hellberg from Cape Town said about her daughter Justine :

“I myself do not attend church although I have my faith, so having a child who wants to follow the teachings of CTMI, Miki and Audrey Hardy and Basil O’Connell – Jones, is a new experience for me.” and then added: “I believe my daughter will become a well rounded adult and discover for herself what to believe and follow. I don’t think it’s up to me to tell her what she should be doing. As a parent I can guide her and make myself available for debates and discussions, but I would never presume to tell her what to do. She is a free thinker and I believe her faith will get her through the painful and difficult times, some of which she has already experienced.”  This is wisdom… To conclude, she says “With plenty of love, understanding and allowing them to have the freedom of choice, I think that any young person must find their own path; if it’s following a particular religion or faith, so be it. I will always be here for her and love her dearly.”  As for her, Justine, 19 year old, declares: “Throughout this year, the Lord has steadily given me a heart to love my family, and I’ve been surprised to see recently how much I care about them, how I want be there for them. I therefore decided to study in Cape Town next year, to be close to my family at this time”.

In a letter to the Independent of Durban, South Africa (which for obvious reasons has not been published) Justine had written :

“When I came to Grace Gospel Church in Durban at the end of 2008, I found that it was all that my heart was looking for”. Following that she went to Mauritius on a visit, and again she declares ” what was preached always pointed me to the Lord; they didn’t point me to principles, they didn’t advise me to take any decisions about my life, other than to follow Jesus”.  She clearly remembers the day when Basil O’Connell Jones preached about having unforgiveness against someone, and the Lord showed her clearly that she had unforgivness in her heart against her mom. As a result she says “I repented before the Lord and that was the beginning of the restoration of my relationship with my mother and my family”.

What a testimony… this is the power of the gospel to change people’s lives, to restore and heal relationships…

So, why not rather leave it all to Jesus and put our children in His hands… He is able and He is faithful!!!

This is the day that the Lord has made… let us rejoice and be glad in it!!