“.. offenses (scandals) will come… but woe to him through whom they come” Luke 17 v 1

When I go and read the site of the concerned parents… I cannot believe the lies and deception that are there… How can people be so gullible as to believe such “junk”!!! It is so obvious that these guys are on a mission… and their mission in life these days is to attack and denigrate CTMI, Basil O’connell Jones as well as Miki Hardy!!!  It is even worse when we realise that some of them are born again Christians… and can go as low as that!!! What a shame!!!  As Jesus said:

“Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do!” (Luke 23 v 34).

As if the Lord is not BIG enough to deal with that Himself should all they say is true!!!! Com’on guys… wake up!!! Use just a bit of your brains and you will find out very quickly that these people have an hidden agenda, they are bitter, angry, and full of vengeance… vengeance against who??? CTMI??? Miki Hardy??? Basil O’Connell Jones??? for what??? what did any of these parties do??? NOTHING!!! except preach the pure, undiluted, and powerful gospel of Jesus Christ, that has transformed their children to the point that it has changed the course of their lives… That is what happened to the early disciples… to many of us… isn’t Miki Hardy, my husband a civil engineer by trade??? What did he do when the Lord called him to full time Ministry??? He left his career to respond fully to this calling and to serve Jesus??? Isn’t it what Peter, John, Paul, and millions did when they felt the call of Jesus??? Doesn’t the Bible call it “the higher calling”???? isn’t serving Jesus the greatest and most honorable thing in life??? can we compare that to a job or a career??? And if some of these young people whose lives have been turned upside down by the Lord, set free from drugs, from a life of sin, feel they want to do something else with their lives??? where is the sin in that??? aren’t they free??? As Peter and John said to the Pharisees;

“should we obey men or God?” Acts 5 v 29.

That is normal stuff for genuine Christianity…  At the end of the day, we are listening to a group that consist of a few parents (five or six) who are frustrated because in fact, they wish they could control their 20 year old child… but are not able to… and need to blame someone for it!! What about the hundreds of young people, who are following the teachings of CTMI brought about by not only Miki Hardy, and Basil O’Connell Jones, but by hundreds of pastors around the world  and who went on to study at University and hold great diplomas today??? What about the hundreds of parents who are so grateful to CTMI, Miki Hardy for the word he is bringing and for what, as a result, has happened to their children and to their relationship between them since they came in touch with the gospel of the cross. Like, let me quote the Williams family from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe;

“As parents we feel so grateful that our children chose to serve the Lord and humbled by the hearts of our CTMI church family here in Bulawayo, in Mauritius, Durban and around the world. This little family was saved by the Lord, His Gospel and the support in the spirit of the Team He has given us”.

The mother goes on and declares that her daughter Kim went to Mauritius in 2005. At that time their family was facing a crisis they had not expected or thought would happen to them. Yet here it was in full impact. She adds

“As a mother I watched a young 21 year old girl get on a plane, full of resentment, and un forgiveness because of the problems at home. Her security at the time was her family, which was now under threat. Kim came back from Mauritius 2 weeks later and was a young woman, at peace and although still struggling in some areas, was encouraged and strengthened by the Lord through what she had received spiritually. The Lord in His wisdom chose the perfect time to touch our daughter with the true gospel and bring the strength of His grace and healing to her and us, as a family who is now truly serving him together. Today, Kim lives at home, and works for our family business as a director/accountant. We love serving, living and working together”.

Isn’t that wonderful… and more edifying to hear than all the negative things a group of frustrated parents have to say… Not only their daughter was touched, changed and encouraged by the Lord, but so was their son David who also went to Mauritius shortly after where he stayed for 3 months. Karen Williams states:

“it was very difficult as a family because we had not been ever apart, and had just been through a very difficult time. As parents though we knew this was of the Lord so we respected his decision and released him, missing and praying for him with all our hearts. Dave returned home on fire for the Lord. He qualified from his electrical apprenticeship some months later and is now the Foreman/Director in our family business. He lives at home with us and is committed to the Lord, Church, Home and work. Dave is 23 years old and still lives today, 2 years later, remembering and guarding what was deposited in his heart from his stay in Mauritius and the Lord continues to build on that foundation”. Her conclusion is that “the Lord is so faithful”!

What an example of true love: being able to release your children to do what they feel on their hearts is from the Lord, and no wonder in return they reaped a united, restored family serving Jesus as one!!!

So… whoever you are… if you have been polluted by the concerned parents into believing all kinds of lies and deceptions, it is still time to wake up to the great things the Lord is doing in the lives of not only the young people, but young and old, through the uncompromised gospel of the cross!!! Visit our website and listen to messages that have the power to change your life as well… Remember that we love you and are there for you!!!

Check out my blog regularly… much more to come !!! I enjoy talking to you, sharing those truths and helping you to see the light!!  In fact a big thank you to the concerned parents for giving us such an opportunity to defend the gospel and publish the truth… we know that as a result many many more lives will be touched!!!