Christianity or Religion

“Don’t tell me what you know about the Bible but rather what you live in your Christian walk with Jesus!”

I have tweeted that statement recently and I think it is worth expanding a bit on it! We as born again Christians, have a tendency to base our spirituality on our knowledge of the Bible. For example, memorizing scripture is an exercise that many Christians apply themselves to and it seems that the understanding behind it all is “the more you know, the more spiritual you are”.

If we look at the experience of the Apostles, as well as the Christians of the early church, we will realize that not only they did not have any Bible to learn verses from, yet they were “spiritual” and “mature” in Christ. What did they have? The Bible says that every day they were sitting at the feet of the apostles, and drinking from their heart and from what they carried. They were drowned in the apostle’s doctrine of Christ. Moreover, they identified with Jesus in their everyday life and were persecuted, rejected, judged, imprisoned, and beaten for their faith. In other words, they identified with the sufferings of Jesus and as a result partook in His resurrection life. This is how they grew and became mature Christians. It was not about their knowledge of Scripture. Anyway, all the Jews knew the Old Testament Scriptures mostly by heart but that did not in any way make them “spiritual” in the sense that it did not help them discern the days they were living when Jesus was among them.

So what I am saying is that, the Apostles, the disciples, did one thing: they denied their rights, took their cross, were ready to lose their lives and followed Jesus. How did they follow Him? They followed His attitudes, His teachings, forgiving their enemies, loving one another, accepting to be unfairly treated, having a pure heart, and as Jesus did, desiring to please the Father in everything they did and lived. In so doing, God was at work in their lives, breaking them and changing them into the image of Jesus!

Therefore I realize more and more that what matters in my Christian walk is not so much what I know but what I live with the Lord in my daily life, what He is busy doing in my life and how I am being changed.

If that is not the case, I must ask myself if I am really living a daily experience with Jesus, or if what I am living has not just become nothing else but “religion”.