Let my people go

Let my people go, that they may serve Me

These were the very words that God instructed Moses to say to Pharaoh when His people were in slavery in Egypt. Pharaoh was not ready to bow to this command, and as the plagues got worse, he came up with some kind of compromise…“Go you men and serve the Lord” (Exodus 10 v 11), and then in verse 24, “Go serve the Lord, only let your flocks and your herds be kept back: let your little ones also go with you,” but Moses said, “You must also give us sacrifices and burnt offerings, that we may sacrifice to the Lord our God. Our livestock also shall go with us; not a hoof shall be left behind. For we must take some of them to serve the Continue reading

“.. offenses (scandals) will come… but woe to him through whom they come” Luke 17 v 1

When I go and read the site of the concerned parents… I cannot believe the lies and deception that are there… How can people be so gullible as to believe such “junk”!!! It is so obvious that these guys are on a mission… and their mission in life these days is to attack and denigrate CTMI, Basil O’connell Jones as well as Miki Hardy!!!  It is even worse when we realise that some of them are born again Christians… Continue reading

concerned parents

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As much is being said these days about concerned parents… may I say that if  you are concerned for your children, and you really love them, the best you can ever do is to let them be free… free to be themselves, free to make their own choices in life, whether it be for their carreer, or where they want to live… and be able to live true to their conviction, whether right or wrong… be there for them… by all means do not make the mistake of trying to force them to do what you want as you will only succeed in pushing them further away from you… Continue reading